A Future with Direction

She’s an all natural beauty.
Sometimes our relationship meanders,
a river
that takes years to cut a lush valley.
Other days a volcano erupts,
drastically changing an entire ecosystem.

My heart is her landscape
which through the evolution
of our love slowly grows
like the Pacific Northwest.

The above poem
got me into her pants.
The above poem
gave my life of u-turns, stops and goes,
a future with direction.

The unplanned pregnancy
led to planned marriage,
planned mortgage and
planned credit card debt.

After several years of living
the perfect family plan
described every four years by politicians
I’ve begun to feel like a cookie cutter
who can shape out of dough
the perfect gingerbread family
but the cookies taste like shit.

I feel like a janitor
at the Louvre–
after a while you don’t appreciate
or even notice the art.
The only thing that stands out
is the smell and sight of dog shit
left by a customer’s shoes
who checks out the Mona Lisa
because she has become
a pop culture icon.
They don’t try to understand her smirk,
only worship her watered down cultural status.
How many people walk away
only to find meaning
when they can brag to their friends
that yes they have seen the Mona Lisa?


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