Brandon Follett is the twenty-first century’s answer to the Renaissance Man. His literary credits span poetry, fictional narratives, non-fiction articles, and song lyrics. He is also a singer, stand-up comedian, actor, cartoonist, and tour guide.

Follett began writing poetry in high school. His early efforts nearly got him expelled for vulgarity, but he went on to publish four chapbooks in his Mental Foreplay for Classics series. The second book in the series, subtitled Always Remember when the Heart is Cold the Bladder is Full of Warmth, was published by Wolf Peach Press. He was an Idaho National Poetry Slam Finalist in 2003 and 2004, and has performed spoken-word poetry at a number of venues, including the Owl Bar in Sundance, Utah.
His poetry, fiction, and non-fiction writing have been published in The Arbiter, The Temple, Limberlost Review, the Southwest Women’s Poetry Exchange, Equilibrium, and the Surface Online Magazine and Gallery. The 31-year-old Follett has also published A Christmas Tale, a coloring book with illustrations by Bob Neal of PressBob.
Veronica and the Mental Foreplays, the band founded by Follett and Josh Kendelberger, recorded Who Will Cut the Umbilical Cord in 2001. By 2002, the band featured vocals, lyrics, and a little dancing by Follett, bass by Kendelberger, viola by Alison Wuenschel, and drums by Isaac Bonn. They expect to release an as-yet-untitled CD in Spring 2005. They band has played at The Mint (Bruce Willis’ place in Hailey, Idaho), The Underground (Walla Walla, Washington), Consolidated Works (Seattle, Washington), and the Neurolux, JD & Friends, and Boise State University (Boise, Idaho).
In February 2004, Follett debuted his stand-up comedy act at Boise’s Funny Bone. He performed in rotation with Troy Thirdgill (In Living Color), Tom Simmons and Isaac Witti. His acting credits include a role as Pepper in The Rodeo Queens (2003), a film directed by Chase Church. Follett has recently begun drawing cartoons, and they have been printed in escribo, Boise Weekly and on a collaborative artwork for the Valentine for Aids benefit at the Flying M.

Born in Fremont, California, Follett moved to Idaho when he was two years old. As an adult, he studied English under Professor Dan Lamberton at Walla Walla College, and poetry at Boise State University under Professors Moira Payne and Martin Corless-Smith. He gradutated from Boise State University with B.A. in Communication. He is also a member of the Log Cabin Literary Center and guset writer for Haggard and Halloo.

He was ordained by the Universal Life Church in 2004, and now officiates at weddings. He formerly gave tours of Yankee Fort Dredge near Stanley, Idaho, and currently leads inner-tube tours of Indian Creek in Kuna, Idaho when not in S.E. Asia.

In 2006 he and Amy Johnson became the creative team behind Earthworm Envy films and omelet reviews. Their films are short travel documentaries that are two to five minutes in length and highlight everyday people and places from a unique perspective. Their omelet reviews are primarily social and political commentary including travel tidbits and at least some mention of an omelet. http://www.earthwormenvy.com

For reviews of Follett’s work, see write-ups in The Boise Weekly, The Temple, The Walla Walla newspaper, and the Express (Ketchum’s newspaper), among others. He has also been interviewed on TVTV.


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