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God in the Field

Might have god in the solitude of a field.

Might have felt god in the grass between my toes.

Might have seen god in the undeveloped skyline.

Might have heard god in a blue jay’s chirp.

Not sure if I do believe in god

but at least I feel at peace.


The next year

a church had been built

in the field

where god might have been.

There I met a loud, guilt-driven, reincarnated Adam Smith.

He collected dollar bills

that read, “In God We Trust.”

He calls them testimonies of faith.


I told the preacher about the field

so he took me to the gift shop

and said, “You’ll find all that peace

in this consumer Jesus doll for $5.00.”

So I bought it.

He then proceeded to pray,

“May this Christ-like bobbling head

forgive your sins,

corporate salvation save your soul.’

Not sure if I believe in God

but do know I’ve been swindled.