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The Full Moon Suspended in a Blue Sky

The sand is so hot.
Every full step amounts to half.
I see birds overhead:
can’t hear their chirp
only my heart,
the rhythm of a death march.

Summer sun suffocates.
Our breath grows shallow.
Veronica, a friend, makes it to the top
of North America’s tallest dune.
Her silhouette strips.
An hourglass shadow casts away clothes.
I climb the last ten feet
in a Bridget Bardot curved shade.

Oh, she’s so beautiful.
My mind silently repeats
“flowers are pretty in mountain meadows.”
Dare not let the imagination wander to
“flowers are also pretty on satin sheets.”

I lay in the sand nude.
The full moon overhead
suspended in a blue sky.
Veronica plays in the sand.
I close my eyes
to daydream,
fueled by her aura.

I awaken to grain shifting
and an unfamiliar desert smell.
Veronica lies by my side.
“Are you wearing perfume?”
She replies, “Yes, Pleasure.”
I ask, “Like the relaxing effect of laying
in the desert sand
on a tired body?”
“No, pleasure indulging
in sex under the full moon
suspended in a blue sky.”