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A Poet’s Sandwich Recipe

Ah juicy:
lots of Best Foods condiments,
Mayonnaise dripping off her lower lip.
Teen boys open their mouths.
The embarrassed girl blushes, touches the little dribble, asks for a napkin.

Ah soft:
French style wheat/sourdough bread.
Question: Can a sandwich be a sandwich without bread?
Can Europe be Europe without France?

Ah mild, sharp, etc:
different types of cheddar cheese compliment one’s current mood.
Don’t think about the fat content.
Enjoy the indulgence into your own psyche.
The jack Hindu thanks the Jersey Cow.

Ah pleasant on the tongue:
crisp veggies– lettuce, tomato, and onion.
The veggie biogenetic engineer searching for an idea
Observes two pictures of Bridget Bardot and Kate Moss.
The engineer yells, “Carumba bigger is better,” and starts work on the super tomato.